Set up in 2010 by Two Engineering and MBA Graduates, Excel Car Spa serves Delhi, Gurgaon & Noida and is the only car detailing company that comes to your doorstep to professionally clean and detail your vehicle.

We use over 60 Non Aggressive processes which are paint safe and leave your car looking Showroom New both inside and out.

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We have set everything up, from Team Composition to Mentor Panel to Detailing Materials Used, in such a manner that we are Confident of our Stringent Work and Material Standards and can assure you of a Car Cleaning and Detailing Job Well Done. We have a very high Referral Rate and we constantly strive to improve it


Brig Sunil Kumar Sharma (Retd)
Retired from the Indian Army after having served in EME, which is responsible for all Vehicle Maintenance and Servicing, from Tanks to Gypsies. Has been a Car Lover all his life. He advises Excel on Tools and Materials which can be used to further improve the Appearance of a Car as well as Paint Protection Abilities of our Detailing Services

Mr Ashwani Datta
Retired from Mitsubishi as Head of Sales and is working as a Consultant for the Same Company at present. His experience has been in Power Tools a few of which we use in our Detailing Service. Has been a Car Lover all his life. He has also headed his Own Car Workshop in the past. He advises Excel on New Efficient Detailing Techniques which are presently used Abroad



Each Team Consists of – One Supervisor + Two Team Members
We Employ 1 out of 4 People who undergo our Training Modules. We Choose Team Members based on 3 Qualities – Diligence, Technical Ability and Behavior. Each Team Member has been Put Through a 15 Day Training Module and has a Specific List of Processes he has to carry out. Composition of Teams is done based on Job Sheet and Specialization of Each Team Member