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Automatic Car Washes was a thriving business a while back in the States but has since been taken over the Car Detailing and Car Wash outfits.

There are some severe shortcoming with an automated car wash –

Some Important Reasons

There are many reasons to avoid the use of automatic car washes and some of the most important reasons are mentioned below.

Filthy brushes: Although automatic car washes have huge brushes which clean the cars thoroughly, it washes more than hundreds of cars on a daily basis. It is possible that these brushes are filthy and the filth from one car may pass onto the other. There are no pre-rinse stages in the automatic car washing centers.

Use of recycled water: Due to water regulation and scarcity in most of the places, used water is recycled for further washes. Although recycled water appears clean, it may still contain harmful germs and pollutants. There may be microscopic dust particles present in the water which is recycles and then used to clean cars.

Use of chemical shampoos: Strong chemical shampoos are used to clean cars. The automatic car washes clean all parts of the car in a similar manner. The use of hard and strong chemicals on metallic parts can cause fading in the long run.

Ineffective: Automatic car washes are done quickly as it is a profitable business in the modern era. The car passes through the automatic machines and the cleaning is done quickly. As these machines have to clean a large number of cars in a day, it is necessary to expedite the process of cleaning so that more profit can be obtained.

Scratches: Some rollers can inflict light scratches on the vehicle during the process of cleaning. This can cause damages to the body of the vehicle.

Automatic car washes are ideal when there is lack to time to clean the vehicle. As these car washes include a number of disadvantages, it is ideal to avail their services only during emergency situations.

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