Car care Delhi

Delhi has the unique distinction of having possibly the harshest environment for a Car’s Looks, and it is just not because of the weather alone. The traffic, vandalism and extreme weather conditions throughout the year play havoc with cars and other automobiles alike.


In Bangalore it takes a Car 6 Months of running to look like a used car whereas in Delhi the same is achieved in 3 months flat.


BUT, having said that the number of car lovers in Delhi far surpasses the number in any other city, metro or town. The number of car accessories sold in Delhi be it alloy wheels, Neon Headlights or Colorful seat covers is probably more than all the other three metros combined.

But Car Care is a often forgiven part of Owning a Car, but now it is coming into focus, as car owners have realized a glossy and shiny car makes heads turn like no alloy wheel can :)


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