Car Claying – Contaminants removed from Car Paint

Automotive Claying

The Claying Process gives the Car a Smooth Glassy Finish and is an integral part of any Prep Process for the exteriors. Clay removes above-surface bonded contamination through the mechanical action of the clay bar rubbing against the vehicle surface. Detailing clay abrades the contamination, wearing it down in some cases, as a result of this mechanical action. However, detailing clay is not abrasive to the paint. The use of an approved clay lubricant prevents marring of the paint. The removed contamination sticks to the clay and is removed from the paint.

Most clays available in the market in India are fakes, there is nothing more harmful than rubbing a low grade clay over a car’s paint. If this is done you will not need any external factors to add imperfections to the car paint, the clay would do it for you


Car Claying - Contaminants removed from Car Paint