Car Compounding – Car Paint Correction and New Car Paint Protection

We Compound Car Paint using Diminishing Abrasives wich are a less aggressive way to remove imperfections in the Paint Finish

Diminishing Vs. Non Diminishing Abrasives

Diminishing abrasives, when exposed to friction, begin to break apart. This process of dissolving is known as ‘diminishing’. Aluminum oxide, as an abrasive, is extremely hard (Mohs of Hardness it is a 9/ a diamond is a 10). When aluminum oxide is fully broken down it is called a crystal or primary crystal. No amount of polishing, past this point, is going to refine the abrasive or dissolve further (any significant amount). The shape (cube, triangle, sphere, rhombus), size, and sharpness of the aluminum oxide crystal will have a significant impact on how the polish cuts and the quality of the finish it leaves behind.

Non Diminishing Abrasive polishes use only the crystal form of aluminum oxide. They are not engineered to dissolve or fracture into smaller pieces because they are already in their smallest, most refined form. They can actually do more harm than good because of the their ability to add clear coat scratches. Most rubbing compounds available in the Indian Car Care market use non diminishing technology and while being cheaper they are also harmful to the end finish of the car.

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