Car Paint Correction and Protection

Benefits of paint protection

If you have bought a new car, then chances are that in 2, 3 or 5 years you will want to sell it or trade it in. Ideally, when that time comes, your car will be as new looking as it is right now, because then you will get the most money for it.
It IS possible to keep your car looking brand new
Paint sealant protection offers an easier alternative to waxing. Unlike wax which evaporates in a few weeks, a paint sealant will last for years with a minimum of work to keep it topped up.

Adhesion is a key reason to use Sealants. However, in automotive primers, it also provides corrosion protection too. Therefore, a sealant that provides both good adhesion and corrosion protection is needed.
Car Paint correction should be carried out through a minimum of two steps of compounding and polishing. Only polishing does not suffice in most cases. Only and only premium products are to be used because this step is very prone to mistakes by the very nature of a human being applying a high powered machine like a rotary buffing machine to something like a metallic surface. This rotary buffer if used on a leather seat can actually rub the leather off, how do I know, well cause I have done it once with my office chair by mistake. That day I had newfound respect for the power of these buffing machines. The car also needs to be coated with sealants and waxes so that the work done can stay for longer.
Paint sealants differ from waxes in that they amount to a plastic coating which not only lasts longer, but is far more durable to the effects of UV radiation, road salts, industrial fallout, environmental pollution, acid rain, bird muck and tree sap. Although even a paint sealant is not impervious to many of these things, the extra protection means that you have far longer to remove them before permanent damage can occur. With the paint sealant resisting the adhesion of dirt, washing your car becomes easy as all you need do is wet, wash and rinse. There is no need for additional polishes and waxes.Sealants pay you back
The end result is that you have guaranteed paintwork protection for the stated life of your paint sealant. Your car will remain looking new and you have little work to do. There will be no fading, staining, etching or rust.