Car Spa

What are the Services Offered in a CAR SPA in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon

A Spa for Cars sounds interesting but what is even more interesting is actually understanding what a Car Spa can do for your car. Can it make the car look better than before? Yes it can but only if you choose the right services offered by the right people.

Treatments offered are broken down into three parts –

Interior Treatments

Exterior Treatments

Car Paint Correction and Protection

We will tackle each of these three one by one –

a)      Interior Treatments – These range from simple cleaning to something as complicated as refinishing or bringing back to a new state process. It all depends on what the Car Owner thinks the car needs with the guidance of the Car Spa. Please bear in mind that the products used have to be high quality because a cheap inferior product and unskilled application can wreck havoc on the interior vinyl, rubber, fabric or leather. Do not let anyone use a dye on the dashboard or anywhere else for that matter. Faded components need to be conditioned to be brought back to like not dyed.


b)      Exterior Treatments – Always insist on high quality car shampoo using a two bucket system to lessen the chances of additional swirl marks or clear coat scratches. Make sure if steam is used it not high pressure steam because car paint has a tolerance level to heat and any unnecessary thermal stress through high pressure steam can cause the paint harm. Almost always insist on the person cleaning or detailing the exteriors to take off any rings or other metallic adornments so that there is no chance or additional scratches.


c)       Car Paint Correction and ProtectionCar Paint correction should be carried out through a minimum of two steps of compounding and polishing. Only polishing does not suffice in most cases. Only and only premium products are to be used because this step is very prone to mistakes by the very nature of a human being applying a high powered machine like a rotary buffing machine to something like a metallic surface. This rotary buffer if used on a leather seat can actually rub the leather off, how do I know, well cause I have done it once with my office chair by mistake. That day I had newfound respect for the power of these buffing machines. The car also needs to be coated with sealants and waxes so that the work done can stay for longer.


As long as you engage the right people for Spa Services for your Car in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon, you should do fine. Beware of cheap prices and cheaper people whose sole purpose is to rip you off by promising the moon and then delivering nothing but empty promises.