Faded, Discolored and Old Plastic, Rubber, and Vinyl Car Detailing

If the plastic, rubber and vinyl surfaces of your car are already faded then there are two possible reasons. One, polish/wax/sealant got on the surface of these materials and dried. Or two, these materials have degraded.

Vinyl and Rubber both in the interiors as well as exteriors is an essential part of any car’s looks. With age it becomes faded and loses it’s natural color and texture. This results in the car looking older than it actually is. We Recondition Vinyl and Rubber Components in the Car to bring them back to an almost new state and in the process remove all salt deposits and other imperfections present. We also put a layer of protection over Vinyl and Rubber components to ensure that they do not lose their newly acquired new look anytime soon.

Excel Car Spa