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himanshu verma reviewed 3 weeks ago
Quality Excellent

the experience with excel car spa guyz was excellent, they worked at 46 C to make my car look perfect.The end result of the whole process was kind of amazing as i did not expected this kind kind of perfect exterior and interior cleaning.The work done by them on the the scratches, leather,plastics and my alloys was excellent.The car looked in a brand new condition once again after 2 years of purchase.
Response from the owner – 2 weeks ago
Himanshu, Thank you for the review and the kind words !!! Hope all those scratches do not come back :)


Tania Sharma

in the last week
Took me 2 days to get a booking but it was really worth it, My Accord is 4 years old with drab and dull leather seats and the interiors were always smelling, Not anymore, I really like my car and now I like it even more. I was so happy I tipped the team and they had to take permission from the owner to take a tip. And this is not labor actually, this is what surprised me, these are pleasant looking young men in grey t-shirts who go about their work sincerely, I gave them the car keys and went back to office. Nice Touch !
Priya Bali

in the last week-
I had a City and a Nano cleaned by Excel Car Spa, both the cars were new so detailing was not required. But the cleaning package was better than anything I have experienced till now. I had only fixed an appointment for the City but when I saw the work being done, I quickly got the Nano fixed up also. No part of the Car was left untouched, they even cleaned the engine with steam when I requested the owner. One thing I really liked was the fact that all the products were used from their original packings and they only microfiber towels. They took almost 7 hours to do both the cars and they never took a break, after seeing service center cleaning of cars this was a very pleasant surprise.

Karan Chugh reviewed a month ago
Quality Excellent

The driving experience in my car has been much more comfortable and enjoyable since i have got the services done from Excel. I must make a special mention for the highly professional staff who took care of my specific requirements and customized their services accordingly. All in All….Highly recommended for all the car lovers out their!!!
Response from the owner – 2 weeks ago
Karan, According to the team you were very supportive and were very patient even when we took longer than anticipated because of the extra work involved Thank you for the review Have a Great Day

Prateek Ranjan Sengupta reviewed a month ago
Quality Excellent

I bought a new car before holi, let my friends sit in the car to add few colors to the fresh leather beige upholstry and the roof, let one of them drive so that he could add a few scratches to the body. Went to Excel soon after, they gave me my car back just the way it was before Holi. Each member in their team has an eye for detail and perfection, they understand what your car means to you; they are the your car’s friends :). Job absolutely well done.
Response from the owner – 2 weeks ago
Prateek, Enjoy your New Car Again :) It took us 8 Hours but the end result was worth it !!! Cheers

Ankush Gulaty reviewed a month ago

Quality Excellent

It was good, i liked how they handled my car since its so precious to me!! Pretty good job done at a reasonable price!! Thank You Ppl!!
Parminder Trehn

 Quality Excellent
reviewed in the last week
Value for money, thumbs up…attention to detail and wonderful service!! I would rate this as the best car detailing place in NCR and I have been to quite a few.. I would not think twice to recommend this place to anyone in NCR.