Why should you Choose Us

Are you tired of paying people money for adding shine on your car that hardly lasts for a few days?

We Have a Wholesome approach to detailing which ensures that not only are we obsessive about detailing the Car well but we are also keen on removing imperfections in the car’s finish be it swirl marks, minor scratches, faded and oxidized paint, dull vinyl and rubber components, deep stains on upholstery, hard and dirty leather, oxidization and rust on metal and chrome components of the car etc

Our work is durable and stands the test of time. You can be assured that your car after our treatment will look brand new or in some cases even better than the day you received it from the showroom.


Our Work Ethic
Local Cleaner and Detailer
We Only use Premium Brands for Machines and Material like 3M, Meguairs, Bosch, Makita, Karcher etc which are officially Sourced from these Companies
They will use any Brands even if they are harsh and harmful for the car’s finish as long as they can make some extra money, even fake products which cost a fraction of what the Premium Products we use at Excel
Our Teams are Organized, Trained and Capable of carrying out Complex Procedures
Teams are untrained and normally not even Employees They do more Harm to the Car’s Look than Good
Our Processes are Non Aggressive and We see an Aggressive process as a Last Resort
They will use any Aggressive Method to get the Job Done
We Focus on two Parameters to Drive us forward –
Exceeding Client Expectations AND Work Quality
They Focus on a Quick Buck and Usually have a Fly by Night Operator Mindset



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